Thursday, 13 January 2011

As seen at the New Forest Show

Buy now before we sell out from Stewarts Garden Centres

Dont miss out on the wonderful dinner plate Dahlia 'Kevin Floodlight' tuber as seen in flower at the New Forest Show in 2010. Its performance was amazing and if we had them on sale we would have sold hundreds and hundreds.
Its name says it all, the flowers reach the size of a dinner plate and more! It flowers and flowers right through the summer to late autumn with many blooms at any one time. It also makes a great cut flower and is a real talking point. Planting tip - make sure the area where you are planting is well dug over and enriched with good well rotted fertilizer. Plant into a pot and keep watered (do not over water) and was it has emerged and the frosts over plant it into your chosen spot. Stake the main plant and main stems as it starts to grow.

Huge Range of Seed Potatoes now in stock

We have a huge range of seed potatoes now in stock in the garden centres. Ranging from fill a bag and pre packed in different sizes. We have over 50 varieties available to suit everyones tastes and requirements.

Dont miss the really unusual ones now available, such as Highland Burgundy Red and Shetland Black. Highland Burgundy Red dates back to around 1936 when it was used to add appropriate colour to a meal for the Duke of Burgundy in the Savoy. It is mainly burgundy red inside with a definate ring of white flesh just under the skin. They make excellent chips, crisps and mash. Shetland Black has a very dark blue skin with shallow eyes. The flesh is yellowish with a blue vascular ring. They are very tasty and floury and can easily be the basis for creative sauteed potatoes and crisps.

Just some of the varieties available:
Portland Javelin, Sharpes Express, Charlotte, Rocket, HomeGuard, Maris Piper, Estina, British Queen, Wilja, Desiree, International Kidney, Cara, Pentland Crown, Kind Edward, Kestral, Swift, Carlingford, Catrona, Vales Emerald, Vanessa, Winston, Ulster Sceptre and more....

When to plant
First Earlies - February to April
Second Earlies - March to May
Maincrop - March to April
Salad - March to May

Plant in well dug fertilised ground or if you do not have any room try a potato grow sack, designed specially for growing potatoes in a small area.

For best results, allow seed potatoes to 'chit' (sprout) before planting. To do this place in a shallow tray (egg boxes are ideal) with any shoots facing upwards in February or March. Place the trays in the light and protect from frost or extreme heat.

Choose a sunny spot (avoiding frost areas), dig soil to break down any clods. Lay out the seed potatoes with shoots facing upwards, plant 25cm to 30cm apart (for maincrop potatoes plant 30 to 45cm apart) and 10 to 15cm deep. Cover with a further 10 to 15cm of soil and water if dry.
As shoots appear, cover with a new layer of soil. Once the shoots are around 5cm tall, block out the light with more soil and repeat this process of earthing up twice (this will also help protect from any late frosts). water well, especially once the foliage has formed, watering onto the soil rather than onto the foliage.

Lift potatoes as soon as they are big enough to eat, normally around 12 to 14 weeks from planting or leave in the ground until the foliage dies down. Lift and store in a cool, dry and frost free environment.

We recommend using Westland's organic Potato and Vegetable Feed.

Summer Flowering Bulbs Now in Stock

Spring is such a lovely time to start preparing the garden. One of the 'must do's' is to purchase and plant Summer Flowering Bulbs. Many take up little room in the garden, so even if you have fairly full beds, you can still squeeze in bulbs such as Agapanthus, Iris etc. You will plant these and almost forget you have done it and then suddenly the bulbs emerge and you have a wonderful display. A tip - once planted, label them so you dont accidentally knocking off the bulb tip as it emerges thinking its a weed!
Visit the Garden Centres and see the amazing selection available, from Lillies, Anemones, Iris, Freesias, Gladioli, Agapanthus, Begonia Corms, Ixias and much much more. Look out for the Dahlia Honka range, subtle delicate flowers so different from existing varieties with its simple, eight petaled, star shape flowers which are lightly scented and unlike many other Dahlias does not require staking.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Oak Furniture for Christmas!

Get ready for Christmas with a beautiful range of indoor solid oak furniture.

Guaranteed pre Christmas delivery if you order by 20th December 2010.  Many lines in stock.